Friday, December 11, 2009


Good morning!! Today I am very very tired… I feel as though the life is draining from my body.  My guess is that I am going through a phase.  I need to really pace myself and reprioritize my days… For me mornings are much better than evenings however, I have this uneasy feeling toward the end of the day. Almost as if I must sit still and not move another step!!  Maybe it’s just me and I am still pushing myself much harder that I need to. I think that I must put on  a happy face for my children as I go through this journey.


The good news is that I have my procedures redone on Thursday of next week.  By Friday next week I should know what stage of cancer that I am in as well as possible treatment. Not knowing exactly what’s going on has taken its toll on my mind. (smile) 


The even better news is that I have an oncology physician and they say that she is the best.  My prayer and hope is that whatever they tell me next Friday will allow me the opportunity to spend Christmas with my children… not in the hospital.. I know …I know think positive… I am as positive as anyone going through this mess can be.  Everyday I get up and say a prayer.. (one of many throughout the day) and I give thanks for all of my blessings… I pray for those that have a more difficult life than me and for those who don’t… heck.. I just pray for everyone! Hahahahahaha Anyway back to the diagnosis… If they say that I can possible wait a couple of weeks I would love to be home for Christmas… If they say that this thing is invasive and we can’t wait….. then I’ll be in some hospital having surgery.. No matter what I am thankful and hopeful…


P.S.  Keala’s back!!!! Yeah


This journey continues…..



Cynthia Renee


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