Thursday, December 17, 2009


Good morning!!!!  I have so much to say this morning…. God has been moving in such an incredible way over the last few heart is filled with love and joy…My mother came in town yesterday and we laughed and talked and laughed some more… she is concerned… I can tell.. the look on her face just says so…


First of all, the insurance issue that had me down has been addressed!!! I am now insured !!!! WOW!! Again WOW!!! Thank God!!! Hahahahah  it’s funny because he not only made a way for me to be insured.. he placed on the hearts of some very important people (That I had no idea were watching) to pay for the first month!!!!! INCREDIBLE!!!!!


Today ….. today is my procedure day… The day that all of my tests are rerun and biopsy done for the second time… depending on what the results are from today I’m told that I may be in the hospital for Christmas..


I must be honest.. scared isn’t the right word… maybe anxious.. ready to be done with it… ready to know what stage I’m in.. if a mastectomy is needed ready to just know….


Well today is another important day of many on this journey….. be blessed J


Cynthia Renee


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