Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!Today is a very, very good day… the last few days have been trying for my family. 


So let’s start with 12-17-09.  On last Thursday I had another mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy, this time they took 20 tissue samples… leaving me very sore and tired. On 12-18-09 I waited for the results of my test the day before.  No news….


12-21-09 The Women’s care office called to let me know that I have n appointment to see the surgery to at 3:00pm!  Wow… now my heart is pumping…”What will he say ?” I thought to myself….The even crazier thing is that the closer it came to 3pm the more my head hurt the more the drainage I had… long story short surgery is scheduled for 1/15/10.


I have mixed feelings about the surgery. I definitely want this carcinoma out and the drainage to stop but I am uneasy about going under the knife.  Crazy huh, I know but it just keeps sticking in my mind.


12-24-09 I am in pain still draining but trying to stay upbeat and happy for my family that has traveled from three different states to spend time with me for the holiday.  I am sitting on the sofa watching my mother …just looking for something to do… hahahahaha it’s funny everything is already done……Today is Christmas eve and I am again thankful for all that I have been blessed with.   


12-28-09 Today I am at work trying to keep busy (in my mind) so that I don’t think about the surgery and the mass…my mind is wandering and it is difficult to concentrate… 20 days and counting…….



Cynthia Renee


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Agnes said...

Be strong, Cynthia. Easier said than done, I know.
Best of luck.

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